Friday, November 04, 2005

Whinge, moan, complain - and, furthermore, bleat!

Now I have no issues with being a weekend motorbike widow. In fact, not only do I love the fact that he is so into his hobby, I encourage it.

Quite a few of his mates have been know to comment "Jeez, your missus is bloody good about letting you ride all weekend".

If only they knew the truth. I love having him out of the house in the weekend, because it gives me my own space. In fact, I've been known to wake him before 7am on the weekends with a cheery "It's a beautiful day for riding. Now get up and f**k off".

And there's no problem with him getting things done around the house. Because he's out all day he makes up for it by rushing around in the evenings, doing the washing, hanging pictures, tidying the garage, etc.

So, why the title of this post? What am I complaining about?

Well, he and some of the boys have decided to hire the racetrack at Manfield for the day. They'll tool around on their racebikes, getting in some practice, fiddling with the set-ups and just generally being blokes. Being blokes involves drinking lots of coffee, smoking lots of cigarettes and telling lots of tall tales.

Again, I have no problem with this. Except that today is Friday.

Friday is my no-exercise day. My alarm goes at 6.30am instead of 5.30am. I wander around in a leisurely way, having breakfast and getting ready for work.

But not this Friday. No. His lordship had to get up at 4.30am to get to the racetrack in time. And guess who gets to wake him up, kick him out of bed and then go downstairs to make him a thermos of coffee for the trip?


Anne said...

Thanks for bringing a smile to my face with your cheery wake up call to your man!! Know what you mean about loving having them out of the house in the weekends:)

skinny chicki said...

lol you poor thing!!!! actually i really like your system, you two are a great team - my dad does nothing around the house, your hubby is a star!!! you have trained him well!!! xoxxoxo

skinny chicki said...

oh btw, how excitement on the training schedual coming!!!!! cant wait to see that- you legend!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxxo

Fiona said...

We cant live with them and we cant live without them.
have a good weekend

Mary said...

I'm thinking why did you have to get up to make the coffee? If it was a roast okay but a coffee LOL. Have a great weekend!

Slim Suzy said...

OMG, that is way too early.

I just had to tell you Sue - I watched a "Getaway" program on New Zealand last night. I want to come there now! It looks so beautiful. DH visited NZ in the 70's but I have never been. I think I will try and save for a trip. You have a very beautiful country!

M said...

Maybe you should be !! (refer my last comment)

M said...

And whooo hooo an another great loss Sue. Hope you have another fabulous week :)

Donna said...

congrats on your weight loss so far
you are doing really well.
i know what you mean about having your own space i'm the same way.
have a great weekend.

michelle said...

I have to tell you I so relate to having the man out of the house at times. Just wish mine knew how to do things like the washing, etc. Great loss again are amazing.

CaramelKitKat said...

Are his coffee making hands painted on??! I'd write him a list of instructions and stick it on the fridge.

Lynda said...

hey Sue - I have never found your site before so thanks for saying hello on mine! Can I list you on "Weareslimming"? You are doing so well - amazingly well. What an inspiration. Let me know if its ok and I will put your link on

Leighanne said...

lol...Maybe you should have changed your no exercise day!

My hubby makes his own snacks/coffee when he goes somewhere - I have trained him well:)

Esther said...

Sue I laughed outloud reading your post. I can empathise with the "Now get up and f**k off"!!! I sometimes I worry I enjoy my time more when hes not around! Thanks for your comments on my blog by the way. Also, congratulations on your weightloss, your obviously doing a great job. 37.8 kg so far! thats fantastic.

Ashwee said...

Hey Sue,

Thanks for your little post on my blog.. it is so nice to see new faces!!

I love mornings.. wish I was in enough of a routine to get up at 5:30 every day!! But 4:30.. thats a bit rich!

I love my ME time, the problem is, I think I have sort of forgotten how to do it.. We have a tiny house I don't enjoy being in so my ME time is usually wandering around shops etc.. but thats fun too! hehe!

Congratulations on such a killer effort so far.. People like you are inspirational!

Thinner Nancy said...

Three words for your dear husband "Do it yourself" .. roll over and carry on sleeping .. let him get himself ready! I am sure he will survive!
My BF occassionally gets up at 3ish am for work and he wouldn't survive if he woke me up to get a thermos ready! :o)

I agree about having your own space in the weekends .. only happens occassionally around here but love it when it does


Julie's journey said...

I know exactly what you mean - when my man doesnt play golf on Saturdays it really buggers up my Saturday. Here's to a great weekend and wonderful relationships.