Friday, April 29, 2005

A great week

Week 6 weigh-in lost 1.9kg this week.
That's my best 1 week loss so far. Got to say, I'm pretty pleased with that. I've been really good about getting lots of exercise this week and it's really paid off.
I'm trying to get a good variety of exercise - long walks, aerobics workouts etc. A couple of times a week I do some resistance training using one of those latex strips. It's a great workout, but my hands always smell like condoms afterwards!

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Hard work?

Not really at the moment. Ask me again in about 5 or 6 weeks to see if I'm starting to struggle.
One of my sisters is losing weight at the moment too, so we can compare notes. I seem to think about food more than before - trying not to become too obsessed.
Getting great support from everyone who knows, although I haven't told many people yet. Mostly I'm only planning to tell people if they comment on how I'm looking.

How's it going so far?

Well, I lost 6.7kg in the first 5 weeks - I'd say it's going pretty well.
That's 5% of my body weight!
I'm finding the programme great. I know group meetings aren't the best way to motivate myself, but doing it from home is working really well. I still get the books and support material, and just do my weigh-ins at home and send the results off to WW each week.
This isn't intended as an advertising site, so enough about that.

The first bit

Just after my 40th birthday, I weighed in at 132.5kg. I'm 176cm tall, so that puts me (firmly) into the obese category. I've been big for over 15 years and have been relatively comfortable with that. It helps that I can afford to wear nice clothes, so I've still been able to feel good about myself.
But now feels like the right time to make a change.
So, what's the best way for me to do this. I've tried a couple of weightloss programmes in the past. They both worked for a while, but I lost motivation and quickly went back to bad eating habits - and back to my old weight and then some.
I'm not really keen on the meetings and sessions with personal consultants, so I needed to find a way that works for me.
Well, who knew Weight Watchers offered an At Home programme? Perfect!

Just starting out

I'm almost six weeks into my weight loss programme, and have decided to start a blog as another motivational tool. My initial intention is to post every Friday, which is my weigh-in day, but maybe I'll be inspired to post more often?