Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Best laid plans...

Okay, having a bit of a sulk now.

The conversation at physio this morning went something like this:
Her: How’s the arm?
Me: A bit sore today, actually.
Her: Why do you think that is?
Me: Because I went for a run. (failing to mention the second one this morning)
Her: It is way too soon for you to be running. Those poor ligaments are just hanging on by a thread. Stop torturing them.

So there goes the original return-to-fitness plan. Oh well, shit happens.

Change the plan. I’m allowed to walk. I’m allowed to ride (on nice flat surfaces).
That means, this year, it will be a walking and riding duathlon. No running for Sue.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Return to fitness

It's two months now since I last did any real exercise - gosh, that sounds like something that should be said in the confessional!

The lead-up to Christmas meant the usual slacking-off about exercise. But that was all going to be put right during our 2 week holiday in the South Island - camping, mountain biking and kayaking.

Then all those plans were blown on New Year's Day. We'd just ridden the lovely track around Lake Hayes and were zooming down the access road back to the car. Gravel road, lots of potholes, riding too fast - crash! I cart-wheeled my bike and landed in a very messy heap.

End result - small fracture in my forearm, dislocated elbow, grade 4 dislocation of my AC joint (shoulder). Lots of pain, lots of drugs and major change to the holiday plans.

So, here we are almost at the end of February. My recovery has, of course, been much slower than I would like. But the last couple of weeks has seen quite a lot of improvement and it looks like I will escape the surgery that was on the cards.

The most fitness work I've done is a few walks - not very far, not very fast, not very many.

Hence, I have forced myself to concentrate once more by setting a deadline - the REAL duathlon on 6 April. I've signed up already, so somehow I need to be able to walk/run 3.5km, ride 10km, walk/run 1.5km. And I'd really like to run, not walk.

I have just got home from doing day 1 of week 1 of the couch to 5km. And at least I managed to do it. Not sure about riding though - I think I'll start that later this week in the gym, rather than on a real bike.

And my other motivation - I want to be fit when I go to see Jake in London in April.