Friday, August 26, 2005

Ride the wave of enthusiasm

I've been to the gym almost every day for the last two weeks. I know that sounds like a lot, but there is method in my madness.
One of the things I've learned is:
Use my enthusiasm for something new to help build a habit.
So, at the moment I'm really loving the gym. I'm going 6 times a week. When the novelty wears off a bit in a few weeks, if I drop back to 4 or 5 times a week - it won't matter, because that will still be plenty. But, if I'd started at 4 times a week, I might struggle to maintain that.
If you're worried that I might be neglecting Moose, don't be. I go to the gym in the morning and he still gets his walk at night - although not always 5km these days!
Oh, by the way, take a look at my weight loss record. That's right, 30kg - gone forever!

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Walking thoughts

As I walk around our suburb, in the morning and in the early evening, I love to speculate about the lives being led in other people's homes.
Often I am walking between 5am and 6am. There are few other lights on at that time, so I try to guess why those people are up at such an early hour (apart from the obvious reason of them being just as mad as me).
I know the guy three houses down from us leaves for work about 5.30am, so no guesswork needed there. And the cream house a couple of street away is home to a writer - he likes to write in the early hours before his family gets up and the noise intrudes on his thoughts.
But how about the brick house surrounded by pohutukawas? I can see the shadows of someone pacing about - a mother on the phone to her child overseas? And the green weatherboard just along from there - given the number of child seats in the car, it's a fairly good bet someone's up feeding a baby.
But it is all quite different when I walk in the evening. There is much more activity, as people get home from work, youngsters do their homework and family life is led.
In one house, drums are being practised every evening by someone whose skill is slowly improving. The woman down the road from there likes to cook dinner in peace - the kids are always outside playing; in the garage if it's wet.
The church down the road is always busy in the evening, and at the moment the boys' school is rehearsing The Pirates of Penzance.
And, of course, in our house, life continues on its peaceful path. Jake is getting home from sports practice, Mark is in the garage doing something important to a motorbike, and it's time for me to cook dinner.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Eating out

It was Mark's birthday yesterday. We went to Logan Brown for dinner. It's one of Wellington's top restaurants, the sort of place we normally consider an 'expense-account' venue.
The food is just lovely - and invariably packed with protein and mostly very rich.
I had been saving a couple of points each day for the evening, but had also decided I would eat whatever I wanted to and not worry too much about the points.
Well, what a revelation. I just couldn't bring myself to order any of the mains - they all sounded divine, but I knew they would just be too much for me.
So, I had two entrees instead - one of which was vegetarian. I really enjoyed my dinner and didn't feel full or bloated at the end of it. Ahhh, how things have changed.
I didn't even feel tempted by the bittersweet chocolate tort or the grapefruit delicious pudding with champagne and muscatel icecream. I had a glass of a lovely sticky dessert wine to finish instead.
So, I didn't count the points, which still would have been fairly high, but nothing in comparison to what I would have eaten at the same restaurant last year - their signature dish is a truly magnificent paua ravioli with lemon beurre blanc!
And this morning I weighed in with a 1.1kg loss.

As a sidenote to Mark's birthday...
He turned 48 yesterday. And I already give him a pretty hard time about being so old. But this week his new motorbike race licence turned up. And his classification - Senior! It will take a long time for the teasing about that one to die down.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Average - and loving it!

Well, I had my fitness assessment at the gym on Saturday. Out of a scale of poor, below average, average, above average and excellent - I was average! That's pretty damn cool.
I hate to think what I would have been 5 months ago before I changed my lifestyle, but I'm proud to be average now.
The lovely young man who did my assessment and has written my programme was pleased with my result and thinks my fitness will improve quickly as my weight drops. I think we were both surprised that I did so well - my walking has clearly helped.
He's very encouraging and supportive, so I haven't felt intimidated by the gym experience at all. I've now done the programme twice on my own, and will go twice more this week. Then I'll see my lovely young man again on Saturday so he can check I'm doing everything properly.

On a less cheerful note, I might have to surrender my title as the Snappy Comeback Queen.
Unlike some of you, I have chosen to share my blog with people I know, particularly people I work with. This number has been increasing as they show it to others they work with etc.
On Friday I had a call from someone in one of our printing plants. I've worked with and known this man for over 10 years. He had rung to ask a favour, but started the conversation by teasing me about my blog.
It was all done in that pseudo-joking way that people think is funny, but I found it very hurtful. I did point out that he wasn't going about the right way of asking a favour, and he soon changed his tune, but I was upset by the conversation. In fact it weighed on my mind quite a bit over the next couple of days.
I know that there will always be people who can't find it in their hearts to be happy for me, and that my weight loss has become a very public thing - partly because of my blog and partly because I look so different. I shouldn't expect too much of others, but I wish more would stick to the 'If you can't say something nice, say nothing' principle.
In the end, all that his thoughtlessness has done is caused me a few sad moments and helped strengthen my resolve. So, maybe we need the balance of positive and negative influences?

Work has me pretty swamped at the moment, so I haven't been visiting other people's blogs as much. Hope to catch up with you all soon - I haven't forgotten you!

Friday, August 12, 2005


Gain, what gain? Got rid of that, and a bit more besides, to lose 2.5kg this week. Yeah, I know, it just shows what commitment can do! So, I'm now half way to my goal weight and feeling fine.
I have a couple more milestones coming up in quick succession, so I'm really looking forward to knocking those off.
1.7kg to lose to reach the 30kg mark. I want to do that before I go to Auckland on 1 September for Jake's underwater hockey national tournament.
Then 2.5kg from there and I'll be under 100kg.

But enough about me! The wonderful Emily made goal this week. Isn't that just fabulous?

Congratulations Emily!

Wednesday, August 10, 2005


I bumped into a friend on the street yesterday, while wearing my sexy stripey trousers and a lovely sweater.
I haven't seen her for a while, so she was very impressed with how I look and praised my progress.
Then came the backhander.
She said 'Of course you'll never be able to keep the weight off'.
Now, I know she wasn't actually trying to be a bitch, she was just being thoughtless.
In the past I would have either ignored a statement like that, or I would have got upset and stalked off.
This time I wanted to show my resolve AND let her know she was being unkind, without actually abusing her.
So I replied 'I think I've learned a lot of things that will help me control my weight. The good part is, your lack of support won't have any effect on me'.
And then, while she stared open-mouthed at me, I continued as if nothing had happened, asking about her kids, job etc.
Damn that felt good!

And later I got a text from her apologising for saying it.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Losing my virginity

Don't worry - this isn't an X-rated post!
I am no longer a gym virgin. Well, actually, I am, but I've made it to third base. And Saturday I'm going all the way!
Okay, I know you think I've completely lost it now.
Yesterday I JOINED A GYM.
On Saturday I'm going in to get my new programme and go through it with the trainer. Then I'm aiming for four mornings a week.
I realised my commitment to the triathlon wasn't complete. All that blathering on about starting swimming when I'm under 100kg, and getting a bike some time later.
What's wrong with today?
So, now I've got the gym to help me train. I can improve my bike fitness before I actually hit the road (not literally). It's at our local aquatic centre, so I can do my swimming there too.
Yep, that's me - I'm gonna be Sue the gym slut.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Don't you wish your girlfriend was a freak like me?

That's me - the freak!
I remember when Fridays were for having a few drinks at the office, going home for takeaways and collapsing in front of rugby - or a movie if it's not rugby season - and a few more drinks.
Not now.
Friday night this week consisted of:
1. Leave work at 4pm and go buy a new washing machine because ours completely died this week. That poor salesman - 'I want THAT machine, but only if you've got one out the back, because I'm taking it with me'! He had a very startled look on his face.
2. Go to Wholly Bagels and buy a platter of smoked salmon mini-bagels because we're going to a PARTY! And that way I know the points value of at least one thing in the room. And who had time to actually MAKE anything?
3. Go home, take the dog for a 5km walk, including plenty of hill work. Exercise? On a Friday night? Sue, you are a changed woman!
4. Help Mark lug the new washing machine up two floors and install it, put on the first load to test it. This is the girl who doesn't actually lift stuff, she just organises.
5. Shower, change, tart myself up. Okay, nothing unusual there - apart from the fact that I feel great about how I look.
6. Out the door at 7.40, pick up my lovely sister and get to the surprise party by 8pm. Because Linda thinks Paul is taking her out for dinner - until about 80 people turn up bearing food and bottles.
7. Spend a few hours in the company of some charming and intelligent people. I know they were charming and intelligent people because they kept telling me how great I look.
8. Go home, put some rugby jerseys in to wash. Because I'm saving the club money by not using the laundry service. And I've had 20 smelly, muddy jerseys sitting in my laundry all week since the washing machine sucked the big one. And Saturday is game day.
9. Pass out.

Friday, August 05, 2005

There it is!

Yep, there it is folks, my first gain - half a kilo.
Knew it was coming, almost glad to see it. Because it has rekindled my motivation.
So, no time to chat, I've got pavements to pound.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

It's coming...

I don't actually weigh in until tomorrow, but I want to get this down while it's fresh in my head. I've just come back from my morning walk, and that's when a lot of these thoughts percolate to top of mind.
Tomorrow, I'm going to have my first weight gain. If I don't, I damn well deserve to!
I've had a particularly slack week. I've gone over my points on three days - well over on one of them.
My exercise has been well down on average for me - two days with no exercise at all.
Even my water intake has been poor.
So, what's happened?
I think it's a combination of things.
I've let work stress get to me. I've let home stress get to me. I've had lots of people notice my weight loss, so I'm resting on my laurels too much. After the euphoria of last week, I've come down to earth and my mood has gone to the other extreme. And I suspect the old 'self-sabotage' may be creeping in. I'm discouraged because I feel like I'm stalled at this weight - which of course isn't true, but who said these things are logical?
So, what to do about it?
Kick myself in the arse and get on with it, of course!
I'm not celebrating my successes enough. I don't mean having a party every time I lose a kilo, or buying a new car (!) for every 5kg lost.
No, I mean saying to myself 'Wow! Well done! I'm proud of you'. I need to get back into the affirmation habit, and I need to start visualising again - I seem to have lost that picture in my head of just how great it's going to be when I'm under 80kg. And I don't need other people's praise for motivation, I just need my own.
And look what I've got to look forward to in the way of successes. In a couple of weeks I will be halfway to goal. 2kg after that I will have lost 30kg. And 2.5kg after that I will be under 100kg. I'm gonna be a double-digit-Doris!
So, when I get on the scales in the morning and I've gained, well, that will be the first time in 20 weeks. That's not too bad. And I won't have gained back 25kg!