Sunday, September 30, 2007


September exercise wrap up
Days I did something: 27/30
Days I did nothing: 3/30
Days I did something I rate as significant exercise: 20/30
Number of gym visits: 8/30
Number of non-gym days where I did exercise that I consider a worthy replacement: 7/30

October exercise aims
No more than 6 days without significant exercise (September was 10)

Although I really like the gym, at the moment I'd rather be out riding, weather permitting.

Cool shit from the weekend
Craig bought me a bike computer. How geek-cool is that? I can measure distance, time on the bike, top speed, average speed...
Much application of ice (external) and gin (internal) meant my knee felt not-too-bad on Saturday, so we rode all over the place, stopping to drink coffees and cruise the Lyall Bay mega centre and clocked up 17.5km.
Some dickhead tried to kill me again (cut in front of me at an intersection), so I went and bought a BRIGHT yellow cycle top (and an orange one for Craig) along with some cool sunnies to make me go faster on the bike.
Sunday the weather in town was yucky, so we went out to Paekakariki to eat brunch and rode the trails in QE2 park. Only 8km, but LOTS of grunty hills.
I remembered DG's post about spending the first part of any exercise adventure freaking out about not being able to do things, as I crept/skidded down steep gravel-pathed hills, terrified of leaving half my skin on the stones if I came off. But I did it, and got very brave as time went on!
Finally got sick of my shonky gears and bought a bike off TradeMe tonight. Have already picked it up. Very cool and can't wait to try it out.


Off to Auckland for the day tomorrow so I suspect the first day of October may be without significant exercise...

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Thanks a bunch

I'd just like to say thanks to the woman driving the Fiesta who pulled a U-turn in front of me while I was riding my bike in Evans Bay last night.

Thanks for missing me.

Thanks for being completely unaware of my existence.

Thanks for opening your door without checking your wing mirror.

Thanks for making me stop so suddenly that I managed to wrench my knee - again.

Thanks for at least driving so badly I had already started to slow down before your idiotic stunt with the door. That way I didn't hit your door and fly off my bike into the wild blue yonder.

Thanks for checking to make sure I was okay before getting back into your car and driving off.


It's okay, my knee has been vastly improved by applying gin. Internally.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Never skip two days in a row

Not a bad rule this one – and it can apply to eating and to exercise!

We all skip a day now and then – we’re human and sometimes these things just happen. But how you cope with the next day can make all the difference. Because if you skip two days, it’s even easier for it to become three, then four…

One day off track with your eating won’t do much harm – but a whole week will! Try not to just shrug your shoulders after a self-indulgent day and say “Well, this week is shot, might as well eat whatever I like”!

If you missed your run yesterday when it was pouring with rain, or didn’t make it to the gym because you bumped into a friend on the way home and went to the pub instead, you might be feeling a bit lazy today. GET OVER IT! Get those running shoes on your feet and get out the door – you know you’ll feel better if you do.

Now, if I can just practice what I preach…

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Look for inspiration every day

Daily inspiration will help sustain long-term motivation.

Inspiration can be found in all sorts of places. Lots of us find it other people’s blogs and online forums. There is inspiration to be found in magazines, in books (especially biographies); in music and in the people you see everyday.

It’s not just stories of other people’s weight loss which are inspiring. I love to hear about people who have achieved success through determination and hard work, or overcome supposedly overwhelming obstacles to get what they want (Mark Inglis is a perfect example, even if he did cause a bit of controversy on the way).

On days you struggle to find inspiration in the world around you – look back at your own success. Read some of your old posts; remember how it felt when you lost the first 5kg or how much it thrilled you the first time you ran instead of walking.

Inspiration is all around us. And it’s much easier to see if you actually look for it.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

My fabulous weekend PART TWO

Well, we had our romantic night away, a lovely time looking at beautiful glass – so how to fill the remaining day of our weekend?

By kicking our arses on a gnarly bike ride of course!

Okay, not really gnarly, but pretty challenging for us. We rode round from Burdans Gate, past Pencarrow Light and almost to Baring Head. It’s mostly flat all the way, but harder than a normal ride because it’s a gravel track. We rode 40 minutes there, and then 50 minutes back because of the head wind.

Amazing scenery – a lot of ships were wrecked on this coast. It’s all quite bleak, and yet the city is just over the other side of the harbour.
Stopped at the ‘car gate’ to catch our breath – and for me to wash some of the crud out of my brakes after getting stuck in some swampy stuff. Craig tried to catch a pic of me taking a pee behind a bush. Luckily he was too slow so all you get to see are my legs, not my hairy butt!
I found the last 20 minutes hard work (not helped by a downpour of rain) and think I would rate this the toughest ride I’ve done. Boy I loved it though.

It’s so cool to be with someone who wants to do these things with me – and I’m sure that pushes me into doing more things too.

Weight this morning was 80.2kg, so managed to keep steady over a couple of fairly hectic weeks.

Monday, September 24, 2007

My fabulous weekend PART ONE

Whipped off after work on Friday to Wanganui. I know, not a glamorous holiday destination - but there was GLASS to be looked at! And we got to stay here. It was just glorious...

Arrived just on dark on Friday night and had a BBQ - steak and salad we'd picked up on the way. All the provisions for breakfast were supplied (bacon, eggs, cereal, bottled fruit, coffee....). And the next morning the woman who runs the place walked over the paddocks from her place with a loaf of fresh-baked bread. And her gorgeous golden Labrador brought us the paper. Aww...

Then, into Wanganui for coffee and some serious glass viewing. And a bit of buying.

Home again on Saturday evening. That made it feel like a long weekend, because we got home and still had another day before we went back to work - and Sunday is another post.

Later with photos.

Our room...

Do I look as happy as I feel?

Friday, September 21, 2007

What a fabulous day yesterday!

The weather was great – 18 degrees, clear, sunny and still.

My day at work was great – everything I needed done just feel into place.

Exercise was great – 45 minute bike ride, 15 minutes of which was uphill so I really put in some good work. And we had fun doing it.

The man was great – I got home and ALL the housework had been done. He'd gone home during the day to do it. Just gotta love that!

Overall, I just feel fantastic at the moment.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Continuing in yesterday's theme...

NEVER under-estimate the power of positive thinking. Focus on why you can instead of why you can’t, and so many obstacles fall away.

Watch what you are thinking. Be aware of your self-talk. I know this sometimes sounds a bit touchy-feely, but we talk to ourselves all the time.

I don't mean the nutty lady wandering down the street muttering to herself. I mean those thoughts we usually aren’t even aware of. You know the ones – I don’t have enough self-control to eat well, I can’t get fit because I’m not a sporty person, it will never work.

Start listening to yourself. Catch those negative thoughts and push them away. Replace them with positive thoughts – eating well will make me feel good, I’ll find an activity I like and then getting fit will be fun, I can make these changes.

The positive thinking habit can be hard. You might even feel a bit silly doing it – but our thoughts have a powerful influence over our lives.

LBTEPA wrote a great post about this a while back, and it has been going through my head a lot in the last few weeks. I hope you don’t mind me quoting you, but the ‘Act as if’ idea struck a real chord with me:

This week has been such an “Act As If” week – Act As If I’m disciplined, motivated, cheerful, organised. And let me tell you, as strategies go, it’s worked a TREAT. Really. I’m sure the effortlessness will return soon. It WILL.

What this says to me is: when things are a bit too hard, act as if you can do them. Then suddenly they’re habits again and doing them comes naturally.

It’s another form of positive thinking. And it doesn’t just apply to weight loss or getting fit. It applies to all parts of our lives.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Thought about your reasons lately?

Instead of giving yourself reasons why you can’t, give yourself reasons why you can.

I know I can reach the level of health and fitness I want because:
I have come so far already.
I understand so much more about nutrition than I did two and a half years ago.
I have learned to modify my behaviour and curb unhealthy eating impulses.
I love to exercise.
I love feeling fit and strong.
I know that being fit and healthy makes me feel good!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Oops - forgot to weigh this morning. May have been subconscious self-protective amnesia - there hasn't been much exercise and food has been a bit 'grab whatever you can find'.

Oh well, I'll just leave it till next week.

Thank you everyone for your kind thoughts, comments, texts and emails. This has been a tough time for Craig, but after the funeral today we can start looking forward again.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

A bit all over the place

Not our usual pleasant weekend. Gave the trip to Wanganui a miss; might go next weekend. Lots of things to be sorted out here for the funeral on Tuesday.

Went for a lovely walk through the Botanic Gardens today. Did the lazy version - caught the Cable Car to the top and walked down. Lots of pretty tulips to be seen. Had late lunch at Picnic (the new cafe by the Begonia House) - yummy chickpea salad. Made sure I wore a cap; the wind would have me looking like Sideshow Bob in no time!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Plenty of cups of tea

There's lots of cups of tea being made at our place at the moment. Craig's Mum passed away yesterday. She had been ill for a long time, but this makes it no less sad.

I talked to my Jake yesterday. He was on the booze with his mates in Reading; first day off after working 45 days straight, so it wasn't a particularly coherent conversation. They've put off the Turkey trip until November - he's going to Oktoberfest instead.

Catch you all soon.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Hotel headache

Woke this morning with one of those awful headaches you get sleeping in a hotel room without enough fresh air. Mind you, I feel much better after reading about the diving pigs...

Forgot my towel when I went to the gym last night - so of course I sweated like a very sweaty thing indeed. Much surreptitious wiping of face on tee shirt sleeve.

Anybody know when blueberry season starts? Hanging out for those little globes of yumminess.

My favourite spring food will soon make an appearance, too - asparagus. Hooray. Saw some in the Wairarapa at the weekend - but still well over $10 a kilo. It will come down though, and then I'll be scoffing it by the bunch.

Think a day trip to Wanganui might be on the cards this weekend - the glass festival is on.

My hair turned very dark brown last week (not all by itself, the hairdresser was involved too). Must get a new photo.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Much more better!

The direction the scales are moving in, that is. 80.5kg this morning.
Here are the promised pix from the weekend.

The Pinot Noir vertical tasting tray at Vynfield - the house in the background was built in 1908, in Lyall Bay, Wellington. It was moved over the hill a few years ago. The vertical collection was 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006 - the 2006 is definitely too young to be let out of the bottle on it's own! Okay, so I had a couple of sips...

The view from our room - no people, just cows and pukekos.

The car and bikes - we're such urban sportspeople!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Rugby, riding and wine

Somehow that doesn't have quite the right ring to it...

Anyway, had a carefully planned weekend, based around wanting to get away for the weekend, but without rushing and without missing too much of a sport-filled weekend.

So, booked Saturday night at Margrain Villas in Martinborough. The plan was to watch the Warriors win their (rugby league) semi on Friday night at home, then wake up early on Saturday to watch the opening game of the (rugby union) World Cup. After that we would drive to Martinborough with our bikes on the back of the car, then ride around some of the vineyards. Out for an early dinner, then home for a sleep before watching the All Blacks play about midnight in their first World Cup game. Then drive to Carterton on Sunday for the Daffodil Festival and some more riding, then home for a quiet night in.

A plan that worked well, except for a few minor points:
  • The Warriors didn't win. Nor did they deserve to. But at least they have a life and get another crack next week.
  • Riding round the vineyards is great. Except that I'm not drinking for the whole month, so wine tasting was a bit of a bust!
  • Made sure I booked a room with a TV, but didn't check the size - 14".
  • Riding in the Wairarapa in spring is really silly for two hayfever sufferers.

Actually, we had a lovely weekend and thoroughly enjoyed our mini break.

Photos to come.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Looking back

I've just done a bit of a cruise back through some old posts.

This time two years ago - I has just hit double digits - a loss of 33kg.

This time one year ago - I was just under 80kg.

And this year - I'm basically in exactly the same place.

Oh well, sometimes that's just the way things go.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

MORE incentive

Guess who booked a holiday on the Gold Coast yesterday? We're going for a week in mid-November. Just want to be somewhere warm and away from people we know!

Boy, does that cause a dilemma with the reverse reward. How can I go to Surfers and NOT buy new clothes...

But I'm not going to put pressure on myself to get to 72kg before we go - it's less than 10 weeks and there's no surer way to make me fail than to set unrealistic goals.

I might just have to work out some sort of compromise. Maybe only buy clothes I need for while I'm there. You know - new bathing suit and a couple of light dresses. And some shorts. And some sandals. And some strappy high heels for going out at night. And a matching handbag. And a nice hat to protect my pale skin. And...

Oh bugger!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Wrong way!

That's what I yelled at the scales this morning when they showed me 81.5!

Pretty much expected that to happen, in fact almost glad it did. I know I can't spend 4 days a week being kind of good with my eating and 3 days a week being nowhere near good with my eating.

So, time for some 7 day efforts. And I know how to do it - planning, discipline and keeping the end game in sight!

I've always struggled with finding rewards for reaching mini-goals. This is mainly because I indulge myself all the time, so there's nothing left to use as rewards!

Instead, I've taking the reverse-reward approach. Every week I'm giving Craig $100. When I reach my goal of 72kg, he'll give it back to me to go and spend on new clothes. And here's the kicker - until then, I'm not allowing myself to buy any new clothes. Not even underwear!

Trust me, that's going to be damn tough on this girl.

Monday, September 03, 2007

We can rebuild her...

Another lovely weekend gone - and we even had some lovely spring weather.

I've put a link on my sidebar to another wee blog where I'm going to track my exercise (keeps it off this main blog). It's good for me to be able to review it, to make sure I really am doing enough, increasing my effort AND having the occasional recovery week - where I back off a bit and let my body catch up with itself.

It's too easy to get caught up in always pushing yourself harder - ride further, lift heavier, cross-train faster. Your body needs time to recover and rebuild - not doing that is a great way to lead to injury and exhaustion.

I always have one day off a week, but I know I need those 'slower' weeks as well.

Spring is also making me think about events again. Do I have the commitment to train for another duathlon? Maybe it would be a good idea...