Thursday, June 22, 2006

Get your own identity, girls!

This particular piece of frustration has been brewing for a while...

Since The Jock and his mate announced their intention to do a gap year in England next year, their girlfriends have FLIPPED OUT! To such an extent that both the boys are now single - not because the girls have given them the flick, but because the boys can't be bothered putting up with the sh*t anymore.

Do these girls seriously think the guys are going to base their life decisions around where their high school girlfriends are going to be next year? And, more importantly, why aren't they making plans of their own? Why is their identity wrapped up in who their boyfriends are and what they're doing?

I really thought we were starting to 'breed out' this sort of thinking from our new female generations. This is more basic than obsession over body shape/size/hair colour. This is women continuing to think they are somehow less important than men. Are we some sort of sub-species?

On a lighter note, we now have two teenagers running round single after a couple of years of being 'off the market'. Parents of Wellington, lock up your daughters.


missjesse said...

If I remember back to when I was a teenage girl, having a boyfriend was a part of identity. It was so "cool" to have a serious boyfriend. I can understand how they feel to some degree. However they are just young and teenagers have a much more, can't think of the word maybe egocentric, view of the world and their lives. They don't really think about the future and that these boys may not be the only boys they every have. In a year they'll be over it and probably have some other boyfriend. And your boy might be having a fling with a nice english girl! lol. Something you probably don't want to think about lol. Teenage girls are a real pain. My brother who is 17 is going through a breakup and oh my goodness, what a nutter is all I can say. I'd like to think I wasn't that bad.

Have a great weekend Sue :)


Jaykay said...

I look back on my teenage years and can say honestly that I had absolutely no identity of my own.

Met my first husband just before I turned 16 and he took over my life entirely (with not too much arguement from myself either!). I just lived in his world and did everything that he wanted, hence I learnt to ride motor bikes, build car engines and help build a house!

It was only when I got to about 22, after being married to him for 3 years that I realised the error of my ways and left him.

I am now teaching my 7 year old daughter how to be a strong, independant person. I never want her to go through what I did!

It pains me alot to see some young girls with long term boyfriends at 18 who want to get married and settle down straight away.

I just wish I had my teenage years back so that I could have done all the things that I missed out on.

Margaret said...

Exactly for the same reasons, my two boys have many "Girlfriends" but no serious one on one as yet, their sport, education and mates are too important for exclusive relationships, oh and by the way their "Girlfriends" feel exactly the same. I say go for it boys, enjoy life...


Ang said...

haha the jock is a definate hottie - parents count yourselves warned. ;)

Kate said...

Whoa - this post really made me think!! I think I was one of those girls, in some ways. I think I had my own identity to some extent, but I certainly wasn't secure enough to not link my identity very firmly to my boyfriend of 4 years! Probably why we had such an unhealthy relationship, and hence aren't together anymore, lol.

Hehe, watch out Wellington, watch out world! Here they come!

Ails said...

Well said Sue! And like the other comments, thinking back to my teenage years - if I followed some boy around rather than follow my own dreams, I would have made nothing of myself. I wouldn't be the strong, independent chick that I am now and I'd probably be quite resentful that I'd be living in the shadow of someone else's ambitions. Maybe these girls are too immature at the moment to realise they have to grow up and live in the real world. It'll hit 'em one day :)

Anne said...

Teenage girls can be bits of drama queens and these two maybe are also a bit immature. Your boy has seen the light - and look out world!!