Sunday, June 18, 2006

My winter exercise challenge

So, looks like the half marathon walk might not happen. My girlfriend has pulled out and I've decided I'll only do it if the weather isn't too crap. I'm not so into it that I'm willing to do the whole hypothermia thing.

Instead, I'm setting myself some exercise challenges for the next six weeks. I'm not putting specific dates on any of them, because some are weather-dependent, but I want to do all of them before the end of July.

They are:
  1. Walk the half-marathon course
  2. Ride 50 km
  3. Have two weeks where I go to the gym six times (like I used to)
  4. In one week, swim for half an hour, three times
  5. Try a new form of exercise I've never done before - maybe a group class?
  6. Learn to use six machines at the gym I've not used before

I'm hoping this will make the doldrums of winter a little more interesting, as well as pushing my fitness levels a bit further.


kathrynoh said...

The winter challenge sounds like a great idea. Nothing like mixing things up to keep yourself interested. I'd like to try a new class but all the ones at my gym that I don't do already need co-ordination!

Felicity said...

oh Sue sad to hear u may not get to do the half marathon heres hoping the weather will be good on the day and u decide to carry on ith it...the buzz is incredible. Your winter challenge is awesome maybe I should do something similar. Have a good week.

Minnie said...

only 10 weeks and winter will officially be over - yay! Great plan - variety the spice of life! Have a great week.

Anne said...

Great idea with the challenges, it's so easy to get stuck in a rut.

Have fun:)

Ang said...

These challenges sound like great fun!!

6 machines! wooo hooo go you, could be interesting ay.

Ails said...

I agree, the doldrums of the winter brrrrs really can be counterproductive when it comes to exercise, but the fact that you have set great challenges is a fantastic way to drive you. Hope you have a great week Sue :)

M@rla said...

Wow, those are great ideas! I might steal some for my next challenge. Or maybe wait until winter, because right now it is 35 DEGREES C HERE.

LME said...

Those are great challenges. I think I might take number 5 and 6 for myself.

Kate said...

This does sound like a great plan, and a great way to fight winter boredom!