Sunday, June 11, 2006

Sunday night

Enough of the vanity post, time to move on.

I'm feeling pretty gross, having finally succumbed to the cold/flu that's doing the rounds. Going in and out of the swimming pool complex all weekend hasn't helped.

Pushed myself to go for a walk this morning. It's two weeks till the half-marathon, so I really needed to do a long walk, cold or no cold. Managed 14km, so not too shabby.

Computer screen is hurting my eyes, so I'll give in to self-pity and catch you all later in the week.


Ails said...

Wow - 14km when sick, you are unstoppable Sue! Though, you don't need me to tell you to take it easy until you feel better. It's funny though, it's the advice we quite easily give out but sometimes hard to follow ourselves, especially when we come up with valid reasons. By the way, loved your last post - how fantastic that you have contined to inspire so many people :) Have a great week and I hope you get better real soon. A x

Ails said...

Forgot to mention - fantastic loss this week!!! Only 6.4kg to goal - OMG Sue, you are on fire :)

Mary said...

I hope you feel better soon Sue and make sure you rest! You don't want to be sick like I was last year for 3 weeks because I thought I should still exercise.

Me said...

Great loss for the week - well done !

Hope that you are feeling better soon - take care of yourself.


Kate said...

I think 4km would be amazing with a cold, let alone 14ks! You legend! Take care, and I hope you are feeling heaps better soon!

Wow, I just noticed your current BMI - you have done SO SO well to change it from 43 to 26!! :-)

Slim Suzy said...

Hot lemon and honey drinks for you and rest. Take care and hope you feel better soon. xx

Briony said...

My husband is ill at the moment too, he swears that rum will fix his cold - what is it with men and alcohol??? LOL.
Hope you feel better very soon.
Have a great week.