Sunday, June 04, 2006

Wee small hours

4am and I'm wandering around the house unable to sleep...

Club Day went pretty well. The weather was kind to us, although some of our game results weren't. Ended with three wins and four losses - the losses included Jake's game where they went down 11-10. To be honest it was a real bugger to lose that game and the boys were really down about it.

I did 23,000 steps, with no planned exercise!

No rugby next weekend as they have a mid-week traditional the following week. No rest for The Jock though, as they have a three-day qualifyig tournament for underwater hockey nationals.

My friend who is staying the weekend is having a really crap time so far! They went visiting in Levin yesterday. Her seven year old fell off a flying fox at the park - his face is very bruised and cut and his wrist is fractured in three places. That sort of thing is hard enough to cope with, without being away from home as well!

Well, I'm off to try and find another hour of sleep - it's more likely to be found in bed than in front of the computer screen!


Ang said...

Oh no - hope the poor wee kid has a speedy recovery. That is a bit of bad luck while away from home.

Enjoy the rest of your long weekend!

littlegrover said...

23000 steps - that's fantastic! And you are fitting that in with your busy schedule too! You are going great guns Sue - hope you managed to grab some more sleep though, thankfully, that has never been my problem.

A Girl Running said...

hope you managed to get some sleep.

That is awful about the flying fox accident. An 11 year old boy died from falling from one of them here 3 weeks ago

Lesley said...

Woohoo to you for that amount of steps!!
You are so close to goal now, very exciting.
Hope your friends son is doing OK, poor thing.

CaramelKitKat said...

What did you do to get all those steps, sub yourself on and play??! And if not, it sounds like they could have used you!

If I don't have to be anywhere the next day I love the witching hours, it's like the world stands still for a bit and I can get things done to catch up.

Jodie said...

Bugger about the boys losing. I hope your friends trip gets better and that the son isn't suffering too much. XX

Kt said...

gosh, poor little fella :(
hope u got some more sleep!

Anne said...

Our son almost lost an eye when hit by a flying fox - hope the little son is doing ok.

Sorry to hear the game result:(

I'm sure I've commented before that you should be a journalist!

michelle said...

The poor litttle thing. Even worse when away fromhome. Badluck with Jakes game..but good for you with all that actiivty. Have a good week.

Mary said...

Ouch, that would put a dampener on your holiday but I hope he has a speedy recovery. Good going with your steps.

M said...

Bugger that they lost that game - and so close too. Sometimes I think it is easier to accept the defeat when the margin is not so close.

But there is no accepting defeat when it comes to your stepping and exercising. Well done Sue.

Hope you managed to get some sleep in :D