Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Best laid plans...

Okay, having a bit of a sulk now.

The conversation at physio this morning went something like this:
Her: How’s the arm?
Me: A bit sore today, actually.
Her: Why do you think that is?
Me: Because I went for a run. (failing to mention the second one this morning)
Her: It is way too soon for you to be running. Those poor ligaments are just hanging on by a thread. Stop torturing them.

So there goes the original return-to-fitness plan. Oh well, shit happens.

Change the plan. I’m allowed to walk. I’m allowed to ride (on nice flat surfaces).
That means, this year, it will be a walking and riding duathlon. No running for Sue.


Julie's journey said...

It's a bummer isnt it? It all takes so bloody long to heal or recover. Sue, from past experience take it slowly or else it just takes longer. Speedy recovery.

Anne said...

Pleased to see you back - not pleased though to hear of your injuries. You must be gutted:-( I'm sure that being fitter and slimmer will help you get over the injuries a lot quicker than a couple of years ago.

Something to look forward to seeing Jake!

kathrynoh said...

Damn, that sucks. Still walking and riding should be plenty :D

M@rla said...

So sorry to hear about the injury - and especially missing your South Island holiday!!

Glad you're back.

rand(om) bites said...

What a pain but I agree, at least you can still walk and ride. Listen to your doctor! I hope you heal quickly.

just janene said...

Hey Sue, great to see you back online! Sorry to hear about your injuries. But hey, you've got the right attitude and I'm sure you will be back to normal soon. So it'll be a walking event instead of running - nothing wrong with that! Better than sitting on the couch or watching from the sidelines aye :)

B said...

Bugger about your injury, but great news that you're going to see Jake. I bet he's having a blast over there.

Rachel said...

Ohhhhhh man, no running?? I can see you chomping at the bit.

Just wait a bit longer and get the all clear and then you can get back into it like a mad women....LOL

Suzy said...

Help! Sounds like a very nasty lot of injuries. You are doing well to be at the stage that your are.
It will be great for you to see Jake in April.
(Glad you are back) xx

Miss Beck said...

Being able to walk and ride is at least something. Are you able to do an elliptical trainer (for a higher intensity) ?

Jake will love you no matter what and I'm positive he'll see all the other changes in you too.

Jules said...

So where the bloody hell are ya??

FREEDOM said...

good to see u back girl sorry u had your tumble wish I had known u was in the area.

All the best for tomorrow hun wish I was there next yr perhaps


Anonymous said...

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B said...

Hello? Hello? Echo - echo - echo

Is there anyone here?

Hope you're enjoying life honey and that everything is going well.