Monday, June 27, 2011

Changed my mind

Think I'd rather be motivated by this photo - my first triathlon!


Lee-Anne said...

I remember that photo well and also the hard work and training you put in.

Your blog is full of many motivational moments like this. I've re-read a few of your posts for inspiration and I have no doubt you'll achieve again this time.

I struggle the most with enjoying my life with Mr T and all it entails but balancing it to fit in and work for me. I'm not sure I'm explaining myself well. I'll try and blog about it.

Basically when I was on my own I only had to concentrate on me and so it was a lot easier to make choices and the commitment to myself.

With Mr T being the stickpin that he has no problem with weight and his metabolism is probably on overdrive 99% of the time as he never stops moving. He's a pacer.

Better go before this turns out to be a blog post.

Catch you next time.

Anne said...

I remember your earlier posts as well and you must get such a thrill from what you've achieved! I agree the second photo is much more of a motivator than the first!

Margaret said...

I remember this photo - and your post. It was so inspiring. I do like this photo better than the previous one, but the best thing is that both women were determined to get to where they wanted to be.

As you will again. x